Service Details

Day Porter Service

Certain locations may require ongoing maintenance during operating hours to maximize cleanliness and customer perception. We provide a person to maintain the floors, garbage and washroom during the daytime hours.

What We Can Do

    These professionals clean and support your business’s personal image. They ensure that customers, employees, and others who visit your facility are satisfied by providing an invaluable service: keeping your facility clean and in good repair. As a business owner, your list of to-dos’ is ever growing, which is where a Day Porter staff member can help. We can cross some of those items off your list. A porter service functions as a day-time janitorial service, but with extra benefits. Some of the most common services performed by a porter include:

    • Lobby maintenance
    • Restroom restocking and sanitation
    • Removing trash
    • Cleaning communal areas (i.e., kitchens, cafeterias)
    • Policing entrances so they are always looking their best


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