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High Dusting

High dusting takes traditional dusting to new heights. In addition to dusting on top of cabinets, behind furniture, and above doors, our cleaning experts get rid of hidden dirt that’s easy to miss. High dusting involves using ladders, lifts, and specialized equipment to reach above pipes and ceiling fans

What We Can Do

    High Dusting for Offices, Factories and Retail Stores

    There's no spot that's too high for us reach. We clean ceilings, cabinet tops and other fixtures. We use the proper equipment including lifts where necessary to vacuum the dust from HVAC vents and air returns as well as top of pipes and rafters.

    • Air vents
    • Light fixtures
    • Ceiling tiles
    • HVAC ducts
    • Exhaust fans
    • Recessed ceiling lights and pendant lighting
    • Water pipes
    • Walls and ceilings

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